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Founded in 2013, Aeroset Group is a leading provider of Engine spares parts to the Aerospace business.

The company offers reliable and flexible support to Airlines in both, commercial and technical fields. With presence in the United Kingdom, United States and Portugal we work toward solutions that lower our customer’s costs but always ensuring high levels of service.

Aeroset Limited is operated by Private Funds and Corporate Profits only, without any external intervention. That gives the company the absolute control of its assets, making Aeroset Limited one of the most financially versatile companies in the aerospace industry.

Corporate Services

Supply Chain


Supply chain in the aviation industry is essential to save costs of business operations. The success of the business depends on the fact of how well a company adopts supply chain strategies.

Through our strategic partnerships with airlines, OEMs and MROs we align and deliver efficient assets and components supply chain solutions by optimising inventories, smooth-running procurement and maximising revenues.

We can handle your business on a regular basis or we can tailor specific agreements to meet your distinct supply needs.



Asset Management


Inventory management is a critical aspect of the aviation industries. If an End User / MRO has too many supplies, they can find themselves with an excess of antiquated aircraft parts as technology changes. On the contrary, too little inventory can lead to severe delays and can result in expedited shipping that can waste a lot of money.

At Aeroset, we can manage the stock from all major aircraft/engine platforms, including Airbus, Boeing, CFM, GE, IAE and RR. This can be the spare components in your warehouse, or entire aircraft and engines that are reaching their end-of-life.

We work along our customers to convert their surplus aircraft and engine stocks into a revenue generating asset.



Customer Service


Customer service is a key factor in the operation of any aviation trading chain.
At Aeroset we prove how important the application of good customer service is and how this could become the driving force to enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Our aim is to ensure that every customer requirement is met within
an optimum time frame.




What We Do.

The goal of our trade is to keep engines flying up, meeting the needs of our customers around the globe.

We support the following engines types:


  • CFM-56-3
  • CFM-56-5
  • CFM-56-7


  • CF6
  • CF34


  • V2500


  • RB211



Is committed to offer our costumers with the highest level of Quality management. Quality standards are in place to ensure that we provide a consistent product and the highest level of service are maintained. With no exception all of our material is fully traceble and will be accompanied with an FAA/EASA/CAAC certification




Mariano Longo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Son of an Italian father and Argentinian mother, he spent his childhood in the city of Don Torcuato. He started working for Mc Donald’s at the age of fifteen and never stopped. He then turned his working career into FMCG; working for companies like SanCor and BIC.

Graduating with a BA Hons in Public Relationships in UADE, holder of an Italian passport and looking for an international approach, Mariano decided to emigrate to England in 2009.
Six months upon his arrival; he started working for the conglomerate SC Johnson in Frimley. Four months later and without expecting it, he was head-hunted by probably the biggest company in the Aerospace’s aftermarket business; this single event was going to change his life forever.

The Aviation world is unique, and it is very easy to fall in love with it. After working several years for AAR Corp and subsequently for GA Telesis, Mariano decided it was time to start walking his own path.
That is how, on the 21st October 2013; AEROSET LIMITED was born. As with all new ventures, the first years were challenging but through hard work and several strategic alliances, Aeroset quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the market. Six years have passed by with the company now featuring offices in United Kingdom, North America, Portugal, Malta and Hong Kong.

Mariano is a huge fan of Racing Club de Avellaneda, from the Argentinian Football League. He has attended to four Finals since 2001 (flown over 12,000 km each time in the last three)… all of them have been won; lucky charm.

Aeroset keeps going strong.





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